Intelishifts Dedicated Private Cloud Service (DPC) is an actual (not virtual) private cloud dedicated to your business and secured to run all of your applications. The DPC Service offers your business a complete infrastructure for deploying both classic and cloud -based applications. In addition, the DPC Service enables your business to start small and scale as needed in a more efficient manner than with traditional public cloud infrastructures.

Key Benefits of Intelishifts DPC:

SECURITY: In the DPC your applications and data are stored on your machines, not spread across shared infrastructure.

PERFORMANCE: DPC Virtual Machines can be provisioned with dedicated disk and Ethernet to do the work of physical servers.

ECONOMICS: With high-performance Virtual Machines, it requires less infrastructure to do the same work as a multitude of typical and smaller over-subscribed cloud servers.

Key Features Include:
  • Completely private cloud infrastructure
  • High-performance Virtual Machines
  • Petascale storage available
  • Support of VMware instances migrating from your enterprise
  • Hybrid infrastructure available including dedicated servers
  • Enterprise level support
  • 100% Service Level Agreement