Intelishift Virtual Private Servers or VPS are one of several isolated server environments that reside within large and powerful physical servers (think of it like a condominium with all the amenities of your own house, which just happens to be a part of a larger structure). A Virtual Private Server is a simulation of hardware by a host operating system that allows another operating system to run on it.

With a VPS, you get your own secure hosting environment, complete with system administrator access and the ability to install and configure whatever you desire within your environment. Although there is usually more than one virtual server on each machine, there is no way for other users to see your VPS or even know that youre there. Each virtual account is isolated from the others, and access to hardware resources (RAM, CPU, Disk Space, Network throughput) is managed by the physical server. An interesting feature that expands the potential for VPS hosting is the burstable property that allows extra CPU time and/or memory when there is availability and site need.