Intelishift data centers are Tier III and Tier IV facilities designed to accommodate the changing power density and cooling needs of the co-location market while maintaining consistently high levels of customer service and support.

Reliability: our data centers are built with full UPS power, back-up systems, and N+1 or N+2 redundancy with a proven industry-leading 100% uptime record.

Robustness: robust Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC) system handles the demanding and sophisticated cooling requirements of high-power density deployments.

Recovery: our customers have developed branch office business continuity solutions or NOCs to monitor their operations from within the datacenter facilities. Executive flex space is available.

Data center facilities feature such accommodations as:
  • > N+2 Cooling and Power Infrastructure
  • > Redundant, Blended Networks
  • > Ultra Sonic Humidification
  • > AC and DC Power Capability
  • > 24x7x365 On-Site Staffed

Contact Intelishift today to learn more about our Intelishift data centers as well as Colocation Services. Intelishift also specializes in Cloud Platforms and Managed IT Services to strengthen your IT infrastructure.