Intelishift's Cloud Datacenter Service is an enterprise-class solution that provides a compatible, interoperable environment for enterprises wishing to implement a private, public or hybrid cloud strategy. Our Cloud Datacenter Service provides application portability and infrastructure compatibility with enterprise-class levels of performance, security and availability.

Intelishift's Cloud Datacenter Service combines the power and flexibility of infrastructure-as-a-service with the expertise, security and availability that organizations with mission-critical computing needs demand of their infrastructure. An easy-to-use management interface provides command and control over a cloud-based resource pool of compute, storage and network built on a fully clustered enterprise-class computing architecture.

Because it's based on resources, not large and inflexible server units, the Cloud Datacenter Service allows for precise and dynamic allocation of computing resources when and where they're needed. And, because its based on a utility computing platform, massive and diverse network connectivity and top-tier data centers, the Cloud Datacenter Service has the scale, performance and security to meet all your enterprises needs.The Cloud Datacenter Service gives customers a discrete, dedicated pool of compute resources (CPU, memory, and storage).