Put the power and reach of the Intelishift Global IP Network to work for your business. Intelishift Data Transport allows customers to create a point-to-point connection between any two locations on the Intelishift Global IP Network. Intelishift Data Transport is a fully transparent service, providing a dedicated point to point Layer 2 private line service. The customer may transparently pass any Layer 2 or Layer 3 protocol data necessary to support their application, including Ethernet 802.1q VLAN tags. For Ethernet services, the customer edge device can also be a Layer 2 switch.

Unlike traditional TDM-based transport service such as SONET, which provide a fixed capacity circuit only, Intelishift Data Transport is packet switched over our converged MPLS infrastructure. This means that extra capacity is available on demand, allowing customers to burst beyond their committed bandwidth levels, instead of dropping the excess data. By shifting the cost of transport from a fixed expenditure to a cost of revenue, customers can see significant cost savings.

Intelishift Data Transport provides several flexible billing options, including point-to-point, multi-point, flat-rate, and usage-based service. For customers with many sites, Intelishift Data Transport in a multi-point configuration can provide a scalable and cost-effective alternative to legacy ATM services.

Data Transport is available at speeds from 1 megabit to 10 gigabits