Intelishift Technologies Participates in World IPv6 Day

June 8, 2011 - On Wednesday June 8, 2011 Intelishift and other major technology companies, including Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft will join a 24-hour test flight of the next generation Internet protocol for World IPv6 Day.

The transition to IPv6 marks the beginning of the end for more than 30 years of the current 32-bit IP addresses. Now that the Internet has run out of IP address space, IPv6 is the only long-term solution. Intelishift is one of only 400 providers world-wide to be IPv6 ready and tested today. We hope that by working together with a common focus, we can help the industry prepare for the new Internet protocol, find and resolve any issues, and pave the way for global deployment. The good news is that the average Internet user won’t need to make any changes for World IPv6 Day.

Over the coming months, Intelishift will be working with teams of engineers to begin the global transition to IPv6. Intelishift routers, switches, firewall, servers, managed services, and the cloud computing platform are all ready for IPv6. As part of World IPv6 Day, we are also offering IPv6 transition services for customers. Intelishift’s experience and network preparedness for IPv6 deployment and migration for datacenter and mission critical applications is the reason that corporations, federal, state, and local agencies work with us as they are preparing their systems for IPv6.

As part of Intelishift’s mission to provide cutting-edge technology solutions, IPv6 has been on our infrastructure roadmap since our inception. As part of the Internet’s future, it is Intelishift’s belief that being at the forefront of this monumental change is critical to the ongoing evolution and development of the Internet and Internet technologies.

Intelishift is excited to be an active participant and sponsor of World IPv6 Day.

About Intelishift Technologies
Headquartered in the Florida, Intelishift Technologies has over 25 years of datacenter experience. This experience has made Intelishift a leader in developing policies and procedures for thousands of clients. With recent expansion to the west coast, Intelishift is now also able to offer our top class services nationwide. By choosing only the best datacenter and managed services partners, we believe the difference will be evident.

Our Mission Statement
At Intelishift, our mission is easy. We make picking a datacenter partner easy by providing the highest caliber facilities at the best price in the market with experts that are second to none. It is that easy.

Our Approach
By developing long-term relationships and leveraging our years of experience, Intelishift has developed an experience that is just plain different. Most datacenter companies today try to position their clients into "their solution". Not the case with Intelishift. Our approach is to build you a solution that fits your business and at a price that makes sense.

Our Services
Intelishift provides complete management of IT and telecommunications infrastructures including:
> Managed datacenter hosting and collocation in our Tier 3+ datacenter facilities
> Cloud computing and virtual private services (VPS)
> Network design/architecture & relocation services
> Managed Services
> Internet Services
We also provide strategic consulting for all services.

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Intelishift serves a diverse set of clients including High-end technology firms, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and government agencies. If you need a datacenter solution, Intelishift is your strategic partner.