Intelishift Partners with AIS Network

April 12, 2012 - AIS Network (AISN, and Intelishift Technologies (Intelishift, have announced an expanded partnership as part of AISN’s new Private SharePoint Cloud. AISN, a privately held hosting pioneer, based in Reston, VA and Chicago, IL, is a leading Microsoft partner. With a focus on healthcare, financial services and nonprofits/associations, AISN creates unique cloud computing, managed hosting and disaster recovery solutions.

“We are pleased to be expanding our partnership with Intelishift,” said AISN CEO Jay Atkinson. “Our enterprise and government customers benefit from the combination of a world-class data center built to rigorous security standards as well as our extensive range of industry-leading, customized cloud and managed hosting solutions, all of which support healthcare, commercial and government compliance standards.”

AISN made the decision to start working with Intelishift in 2010 for several reasons. “We went through an exhaustive search and at the end of the day Intelishift met all of our rigorous compliance and security standards, and offered superior service,” stated Atkinson. “Additionally the personal attention and solutions architects at Intelishift offered a significant difference to other datacenter firms we had looked at.”

“We were honored when AISN made the decision to become a client of Intelishift and elated when that relationship expanded into a full blown partnership,” stated Intelishift CEO Michael Velotta. “The forward thinking Private Cloud they are developing and the leverage we are able to provide in our datacenter environment make me believe this is a winner.”

AISN’s Private SharePoint Cloud deploys SharePoint Server 2010 in a single private cloud for less than competitors charge for a public or hybrid cloud implementation. “Enterprise-class SharePoint 2010 customers should look only to private cloud environments for the most practical, cost-effective solution,” stated Atkinson.

AISN points to many of the benefits of this solution including: • A hosted environment that is exclusively internal to the organization,
• Complete control of its servers, security, permissions, policies and customization,
• Seamless federation between line-of-business systems and various data sources,
• Quick scalability for system resources, and
• The ability to move other core applications and platforms to the same private cloud.

AISN made the decision to pursue this particular path in 2011 based on the fact that hosting providers are steering enterprise-class SharePoint 2010 customers toward public cloud and hybrid cloud hosting models. Cost analysis research shows that those deployment approaches are needlessly costing more than they should and the customer sacrifices control at multiple levels. Additionally, this product will help broaden AISN’s approach for both enterprise and government clients.

“The private SharePoint cloud model is an ideal outsourcing alternative. Sooner or later, global and large enterprises evaluating SharePoint 2010 deployment platforms are going to realize that an enterprise SharePoint Server 2010 platform implemented solely in a private cloud is the only way to go,” said AISN CEO Jay Atkinson.

Atkinson summarized this and all of AISN’s partnering decisions, saying, “In the last year, we have built a very strong channel partner program of which we’re quite proud. The businesses with which we are partnering are top notch.”

About Intelishift Technologies
Headquartered in the Florida, Intelishift Technologies has over 25 years of datacenter experience. This experience has made Intelishift a leader in developing policies and procedures for thousands of clients. With recent expansion to the west coast, Intelishift is now also able to offer our top class services nationwide. By choosing only the best datacenter and managed services partners, we believe the difference will be evident.

Our Mission Statement
At Intelishift, our mission is easy. We make picking a datacenter partner easy by providing the highest caliber facilities at the best price in the market with experts that are second to none. It is that easy.

Our Approach
By developing long-term relationships and leveraging our years of experience, Intelishift has developed an experience that is just plain different. Most datacenter companies today try to position their clients into "their solution". Not the case with Intelishift. Our approach is to build you a solution that fits your business and at a price that makes sense.

Our Services
Intelishift provides complete management of IT and telecommunications infrastructures including:
> Managed datacenter hosting and collocation in our Tier 3+ datacenter facilities
> Cloud computing and virtual private services (VPS)
> Network design/architecture & relocation services
> Managed Services
> Internet Services
We also provide strategic consulting for all services.

Our Clients
Intelishift serves a diverse set of clients including High-end technology firms, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and government agencies. If you need a datacenter solution, Intelishift is your strategic partner.