BlogSpot Highlight: The new world of datacenters

By Ryan Barbera

May 12, 2011 - Ok so datacenters have been around since the beginning. They originally found their homes in Universities and the basements of geeks and slowly made their way to likes of UUNET, AOL and AT&T. In the old days the major concern was the availability of bandwidth. Server rooms were unreliable and the cost for your internet access were high. With the explosion of the internet in the mid to late 90’s it became increasingly clear that people needed a place to put their systems that was not only secure but could deliver the type of bandwidth people needed. That trend really carried us through most of the last decade.

Today the world is changing. If it doesn’t exist on the web then it just probably doesn’t exist. As fiber becomes more readily available and bandwidth more a commodity people are less concerned with how to get bandwidth and more concerned with how to get power. At the same time the world has gotten smaller so has the size of our servers and infrastructures. As a result the power required to make our systems go has become prohibitive. Combine this with the ever increasing cost of power at a macro level and you have the perfect storm. Welcome to the new world order. As power costs continue to rise and we as technologists need more of it is becoming increasingly important to be in a facility where you can not only get power but a lot of it. Hence the new world order of datacenters.

The battle for your servers is no longer being waged based on bandwidth, heck I have 35 megs at my house, it is now exclusively about the ability to get power at a reasonable rate. This has forced datacenters to approach how facilities are designed and operated and how they are marketed to us. It has also led to major new initiatives in everything from Geothermal datacenters to (gasp) nuclear powered datacenters. Here is the reality, the need for power is going to increase not decrease and as technology requires more computing power energy will continue to be more and more of an issue. This means as consumers we need to not only be prepared to adjust how we think of datacenters but to adjust how we plan for the future. In fact maybe the more appropriate term for the datacenter today is power station. This is evidenced by Pennsylvania Power and Lights foray into datacenters and Hurricane Electric’s dominance in California as both a datacenter facility and power company. The new world order is here are you prepared.

Ryan Barbera

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